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Cardiac Stress Lowers While Driving And Listening To Music

According to a new study, while driving stress is a major risk factor for the progress of cardiovascular disease and abrupt cardiac complications like a heart attack (myocardial infarction). But by selecting appropriate music while driving might be one way to lessen this risk. A study by scientists at UNESP (São Paulo State University) in Brazil indicates that listening to instrumental music, for instance, might alleviate cardiac stress. The findings of the study were issued in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine. The scientists at the USP (University of São Paulo) in Brazil, Oxford Brookes University in the U.K., and the University of Parma in Italy participated in this study.

Vitor Engrácia Valenti—Professor at UNESP Marília and Principal Investigator of the project—said, “We have found out that cardiac stress in the volunteers during our experiment was lowered by listening to music whilst they were driving.” The scientists investigated the impacts of music on cardiac stress in five women amid the age of 18–23 Years. All subjects were fit and nonhabitual drivers (they drive once or twice per week) and had gained a license 1–7 Years previously. The level of cardiac stress was evaluated by calculating heart rate variability by utilizing a heart rate monitor connected to the volunteer’s chest. The analysis demonstrated a reduction in heart pace variability in the participants who drove without music, displaying a lower level of parasympathetic nervous system movement but sympathetic nervous system revitalization. On the contrary, heart rate variability surged in the participants who listened to music, suggesting a greater level of parasympathetic nervous system movement and a decrease in sympathetic nervous system movement.

On a related note, recently, a study showed that listening to yoga music during bedtime is excellent for the heart’s wellbeing. The research was presented at ESC Congress 2018. Dr. Naresh Sen—Consultant Cardiologist from HG SMS Hospital, Jaipur, India—stated, “In our hospital we use music therapy and for this study we demonstrated that yoga music has a helpful impact on the heart rate variability prior to sleeping.”

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