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Boeing’s Starliner Pad Abort Trial Completed Successfully

Boeing and NASA stated they have successfully completed the CST-100 Starliner commercial crew vehicle’s pad abort test. Both the organizations showed satisfaction as they could achieve the success even though one of the capsule’s three parachutes was not properly installed.

The launch of the Starliner was carried out from a test stand at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico’s Launch Complex 32. While speaking at a NASA TV broadcast of the test, Boeing’s spokesperson Jessica Landa stated, “The preliminary indication here is that we have had a booming test.” Manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, Kathy Lueders proclaimed, “We are delighted with the initial outcomes, and now we have the task of actually digging into the data and investigating whether everything worked as per the expectations.”

Moreover, one error with this test was admitted by Boeing and NASA. They stated that while the capsule was coming down, the deployment of only 2 out of the 3 key parachutes was successful. The trembling video of the test highlights the possibility that either the 3rd parachute was damaged or it might not be installed at all.

The key intention to create Starliner is to safely land even if one significant chute does not work properly, Boeing and NASA stated. During the broadcast, NASA’s spokesperson Dan Huot stated, “We observed 2 out of the 3 parachutes, and that is a secure condition.” Soon after, NASA stated that “successful opening of 2 [parachutes] is adequate for the crew safety and test parameters.”

On a similar note, the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is awarded NASA’s funds that aim to carry out thorough research on a potential Pluto orbiter mission. SwRI representatives stated that the aim of this study will be exploring the expenses and practicability of the probable project and outlining the project along with listing out the instruments needed to make this mission successful.

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