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German Government Wants 50 Times More Charging Stations By 2030

For now, the charging stations for the electric car are found to be not only lower in number but also far off, at least in Germany. The German government has announced that it will have millions of charging points placed in the country by 2030. According to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the addition of more charging points means 50 times more than the current 20,000 points. The government does not expect this to happen with mere force instead through the scanning of the finances and suitable locations. The industry will have to take extra effort to bring it to reality.

As the production of the electric vehicles is found to be speeding up, the need for more charging stations also rises. The control over climate change has urged the European Union to take more of electric vehicle contracts. The countries like France have started putting a ban on the sales of combustion engine cars by 2040. The European regions want to make the climate neutral by 2050. The users must have an assurance that they can have their vehicles charged easily without any need to cover a longer distance in search for charging points. The key goal is to boost the sales of electric vehicles.

Parallelly, it has been found that Xinyu is the city that mainly provides lithium to Tesla, BMW, and VW. The city has thus turned into a vital node in the global electric car supply chain. China is found to be dominating the electric car supply chain and thus, the trade war between both the countries is found to hamper Washington and Brussels’ next generation of manufacturing. The city is going to have its hands clenched tight in terms of the sales of lithium that is commonly used in the batteries of mobile phones or electric cars. Thus, China is definitely going to use this opportunity to give the US companies a tough ride in the near future.

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