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Google Adds A New Health Unit In Its Search Engine

Google is in the news for its recently launched Health unit and the chaos regarding the unit is found to be the key reason. The tech giant has not yet disclosed anything much about the divisions that will be included in the Health unit. According to Google Health lead David Feinberg, the major goal is to help the patients and the doctors get all the necessary information when needed. The search bar can help doctors look for medical records at a faster rate. The use of certain specific terms like 87 instead of an 87-year-old patient in case of specific records is all found to ease up the entire process of search for data.

The Flights-style-like search approach in connection with health can help medical professionals heal or look for newer treatments for the patients. The new search bar can help provide trustworthy info compared to the regular web. The Google search team is not sure about the fruition regarding the health search. However, the company has planned to let go of the advertising on the health page. Google Health can provide the users with an outline regarding the present or future health data. The idea is to improve the health-related searches in Google and YouTube step-by-step and, at the same time, reduce anti-vaccination myths spread through the videos.

In a similar context, Google has come up with a new privacy feature that will let one automatically delete data related to searches and location history. The new tool avoids the manual effort and instead automates the entire process. The users can have their search history cleaned in every 3 Months or 18 Months. The idea of erasing search history could possibly affect one’s personalized searches; however, Google has made it clear that it is solely the users’ choice.

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