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NASA Researchers Plans To Bake Cookies In A Space Oven

The researchers are now planning on having cookies baked in space. It may sound quite mindboggling but the NASA researchers are really planning on conducting a new space cooking experiment. Last week, the cargo craft that took off in Virginia had a space oven named Zero-G Oven and the baking ingredients sent for the experimentation purpose. The baking in space will be the first experiment to be conducted. The 3.7 Ton shipment of cargo along with the baking items was sent to the International Space Station (ISS). NASA basically wants to test the first-ever oven designed for microgravity. The Zero-G Oven will give the crew a chance to bake fresh meals in the microgravity environment. The heating and cooling of the oven will be checked along with its safety for the crew members.

The oven is designed into a cylindrical-shaped insulated container that can bake food in the microgravity environment of the ISS. The food electric heating just like the one in a toaster was used and the cooling rack is expected to help prevent the crew members from burning. The internal power system will help power the oven. NASA hopes to understand the heat transfer properties in microgravity using the oven. This new experiment will help crew members implement cooking when in space. The space foods are generally pre-prepared or freeze-dried while some can be eaten in their natural forms. There are also certain foods like macaroni and cheese that may need water to be added before consumption. The oven can help heat the foods that are frozen to avoid spoilage.

On a similar note, the researchers had earlier sent the Española pepper to the ISS. This chili grows at higher altitudes and does not even require a longer time to grow. The basic goal is to provide the crew members on a long mission with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The researchers want the astronomers to have access to freshly grown foods to supplement their diet.

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