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Our Team


Sandra Katz


Sandra pursued Masters of Science in Microbiology and joined the platform at the early stage of her writing career. She is connected with our news portal for the last 9 Years and leads the Health Department efficiently. her strong management and leadership skills have helped her to execute all the duties precisely. she is writing on diverse topics from the Health domain—diverse trials, the introduction of new drugs, and latest researches & inventions, to name a few. At the same time, Sandra believes in offering quality services, which helps us to grow and maintain the number of readers on the platform.


Phone: +1 541-846-1475


Micheal Ledoux

Sr. Content Writer

Micheal is one of the strong team members at He is the Head of the Business Department and carries out all his responsibilities efficiently. Moreover, he pursued an MBA in E-Commerce Degree and is in this field for the last 7 Years. The key specialty of Micheal’s writing is he can ideate the best and easy-to-comprehend news content on our news portal. Before joining this platform, Micheal has successfully completed 5 Years of his professional life as an E-Commerce Consultant. But, he was more inclined toward the writing field, so he started his journey as a content writer.


Phone: +1 541-317-5076


Derrick Lopez

News Writer & Reporter

Being a strong technology enthusiast, Derrick loves to write news reports on the topics related to the Technology field. He is serving as the Head of Technology Department at from the last 5 Years. Moreover, autonomous devices and artificial intelligence are the topics that interest Derrick when he writes news reports. At the same time, he can write news reports on the current trends in gadgets with the same competence. Being the News Writer, he is engaged in performing all quality checks of the news reports in the department along with training other team members to improve their work efficiency.


Phone: +1 541-956-3310


Linda Roscoe

Contributing Author

Linda holds a total of 6 Years of experience in the content writing field. This intense experience has offered her the proficiency to present complex scientific phenomena from the science sector in a very simple and convincing way. This is one of the special skills that make her the most followed writer on our news platform globally. Linda has her own style of writing and gives a special touch to each news report she writes. Besides being the most experienced person in the Science team, she holds deep knowledge of this sector that makes her suitable for spearheading the Science Department.


Phone: +1 541-601-9924

Editorial Staff, Authors & Contributors Emails & Contact Information

Sandra Katz- | +1 541-846-1475

Micheal Ledoux- |  +1 541-317-5076

Derrick Lopez- |  +1 541-956-3310

Linda Roscoe- | +1 541-601-9924

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