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Huawei Will Soon Be Granted Trade Ban Exemptions By The US

Earlier, Huawei was blacklisted by the Commerce Department, but now the company is possibly going to be let loose. The companies in the US will be permitted to have their trade resumed with Huawei in the upcoming days. Almost 260 requests regarding the kick start of trade with the China company have already been received and thus, the US government has been advised to look into the matter keenly. However, there are high possibilities that the US government could rubber-stamp the Chinese company. According to the US, the companies should know that they would not be handed over the license even though the US has agreed to few of its exceptions.

There are many companies that have applied for licenses, but no details have been disclosed. Google is one of the companies that had to face a lot of issues in connection to the trade ban. If the blacklisting remains, then Huawei will no longer be able to sell new phones with an Android version that uses Google apps. And the chances of the company updating its existing phones will go away the moment the license expires. For having the business resumed between Google and Huawei, it is important that a more permanent license is considered. However, the telecoms are found to be running out on their lucks. The reason for the ban on Huawei is believed to be a false allegation that China is using the cellular equipment company to spy on Americans. The FCC has confirmed that the telecoms will be banned from using Huawei hardware the moment they get access to Universal Service Fund money. The ones that receive this exception will no longer resume their ties with the telecom infrastructure in the future.

Similarly, the US government has warned Taiwan to stop its biggest chipmaker from manufacturing semiconductors for Huawei, the Chinese telecoms group. The US basically wants Taiwan to institute stringent norms on technology exports to China. The Trump administration has asked the government of President Tsai Ing-wen to restrict Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is the world’s largest contract chipmaker, from exporting chips to Huawei. The US is trying to fill in the loopholes in its ban on selling to Huawei in order to secure its supplies to the US defense sector and also to inhibit China’s rise as a technology power.

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