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T-Mobile–Sprint Merger Proposal Gets FCC Approval

An order offering official permission for the T-Mobile and Sprint’s unification proposal worth $26.5 Billion was recently released by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Reportedly, the approval of this proposal was offered in a closed-door meeting with 3–2 party-line vote.

While the Republican commissioners stated that this unification might be beneficial for the Americans living in a rural area, it was considered as a debacle for users by Democratic commissioners. Moreover, a group of state attorneys general has legally challenged this unification proposal. In a statement, the FCC proclaimed, “The Commission learned that the deal will assist close the digital divide and enhance United States leadership in 5G, the advanced generation of wireless connectivity.” Predominantly, Sprint and T-Mobile have committed within 3 Years to offer 5G service to cover 97% of the American population, and within 6 Years to reach 99% of all American people. This commitment comprises the 5G service deployment to cover approximately 85% of rural American population within 3 Years and about 90% of rural American people within 6 Years.”

According to the opposing Democratic commissioners, promises given by Sprint and T-Mobile to finalize this deal are not at all implementable. They added that if the merger is finalized, there will be a decrease in the number of nationwide service providers from 4 to 3 and this situation will lower the competition level in the sector.

On a similar note, T-Mobile’s parent firm Deutsche Telekom took legal action against Lemonade, an insurance provider from New York. Reportedly, Lemonade was using magenta color in its advertisements in Germany. However, Deutsche Telekom states that it has the legal authority to use this color and sued the insurance company for using this color.

According to AdAge reports, a failed attempt to take advantage of this court case was performed by Lemonade with a social media movement named #FreeThePink. Furthermore, the CEO of the company is indicting T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom of corporate discrimination.

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